VANIK – ‘Vanik’

It’s0008921329_10 too easy to use words like ‘throwback’, and ‘vintage’ in reference to an artist or band adopting characteristics of a classic style. It’s the artists’ individuality that drives them but the ability articulate and realize is another story. Just because you can play in a vain or style doesn’t mean that they’re capable of writing good music that can hold much interest, let alone that of the most discriminating of connoisseurs.

If you heard the Vandallus album then you know that Vanik has the ‘classic’ chops. This completely separate full-length release is a different beast altogether. use of techniques and sounds that are tried-and-true while, at the same time expound upon those stylistic choices that clearly display a solid potential for times to come. While the record’s opener, “Fire Again,” and the lion’s share of tracks, like “One More Dose,” and “Eat You Alive,” come on strong with a sound that has one foot in a classic realm and the other well planted in the present there’s room to move forward in cuts like “Blood Sucking Lust” that are pointed toward the future.

You can call it heavy metal, ‘traditional’, it’s all rock ‘n’ roll—see “The Blackest Eyes.” The way that Vanik attacks it somehow feels somewhat fresher than a lotta their contemporaries. The only bad thing about Vanik’s debut LP is knowing that it’ll probably be at least another year until we get another one.