a1250759136_10The American Mid-West doesn’t necessarily seem like a place that could inspire the kind of melancholy and dusky, sublime ambiance that Thunder Dreamer conjures on their sophomore LP ‘Capture’. Evansville, IN is, however, a place that tends to somehow remain lost, invisible, or passed by, especially where a lot of industry, technology, and so-called ‘Capture’ is concerned. So, maybe it’s not so farfetched such a place could breed shades of melancholy and dusk.

Vocalist Steven Hamilton turns in an imploring tenor vocal delivery that’s carried across sprawling post-rock soundscapes created when his [Hamilton] guitar and pianist Zach Zint are working in synchronicity. Chiming chords form billowing walls of dense atmosphere and ambiance. By the same turn, the separation of instruments allows for shimmering melodies that flow like ribbons in ethereal winds. The band’s surging reverbs swell into lush cresendos like sublime wave caps that crash down, rolling everything up inside of its swirling currents.

‘Capture’ plays as a concerted group effort, so it’s less like the solo outlet Thunder Dreamer is said to’ve been initially purposed for. As musicians and creative individuals they’ve set a standard and posed a solid challenge for themselves with releases to come.