PSYCHEDELIC WITCHCRAFT – ‘Magick Rites and Spells’

ssr094_cover_lowres Just last year Psychedelic Witchcraft released their impressive Soulseller Records debut, ‘The Vision’. Now, here it is in early 2017 and there’s already another new collection of material from Psychedelic Witchcraft that amounts to another accomplished record. The band has distinct core fundamentals that they established the last time around but they emerge as a different kind of band, sonically speaking, with ‘Magick Rites and Spells’.

The musical aspect is probably the most prominent area of focus. Where their eponymous LP had a stripped-down rock & roll foundation, ‘Magick Rites and Spells’ shows how the band has become somewhat more intermediately involved, musically speaking. And Virginia’s vocal performances follow suit, naturally elevating the quality of the compositions. Her vocal deliveries alone have advanced Psychedelic Witchcraft’s overall presence. Her lyrics are more complex with feeling and the same goes for the musical integrity. None of these enhancements have obscured the rawness of their rock & roll roots, which was what originally made Psychedelic Witchcraft stand out.

If names like Coven, Cold Sweat, or Heart bandied about with regard to Psychedelic Witchcraft, it could only be in relation to a similar strength where solid, sturdy songwriting and passionate performance is concerned, because Psychedelic Witchcraft is their own band with their own individual identity.