OCTOBER 31 – ‘Metal Massacre 31’

It’da1513877409_10 probably serve October 31 and their ‘Metal Massacre 31’ much better if you know a little of what the guys are about. Once you understand them as genuine fans you’ll better understand why it probably was the case that they set about to put ‘Metal Massacre 31’ together.

I’d been a Deceased fan since hearing their metal classic LP, ‘Luck of the Corpse’, back in high school. In the mid-1990s, I began corresponding with King Fowley (October 31, Deceased, Doomstone) while I was producing a heavy metal show on college radio. We became friends and eventually King out east to his place in Arlington, VA. We were astounded to find out how many friends this guy had; King knows a lot of people. Among them was a bassist, Jim Hunter (October 31, Revelation, Twisted Tower Dire), who was as cool with us hanging around, being new. The guy was as funny as shit and as accepting as anyone you could hope to encounter upon first meeting. King and Jim would come to be some of my favorite people to talk music with.

These cats could talk metal ‘shop’ all day and night, never stopping or repeating themselves. Veritable walking encyclopedias, these guys, talking about albums released by bands that most other self-proclaimed ‘old school’ aficionados most likely knew nothing about. A respectable attribute they shared was their discrimination toward the lame, weak, and contrived bands and music so many others touted as being authentic. And it wasn’t resigned to just metal; they could talk rock, hard rock, AOR, pop, new wave, punk rock, even some old school Sugar Hill Records.