Ifa4025532600_10 the Proper Ornaments had existed during the formative years of pop-rock & roll, their new LP, ‘Foxhole’ could’ve been the product of a lotta time spent in the Topanga Canyon area of Los Angeles in a bungalow rented by one or more of them, hanging out with people like Chris Hillman, David Crosby, Stephen Stills, and others of similar harmonious melodic pop ilk.

This is all in theory, of course, because they’re a London, UK based quartet, after all, which might be appropriate due to their sonic disposition being categorically British. They’ve already proven themselves to be a good pop band with some interesting psych influences nicely embedded, but with the exception of “1969”–which isn’t a Stooges cover, btw– they’ve forgone most of the psychedelics and delivered a relatively subtle, subdued collection of songs.

As it turns out, the songs stand on the merits of the band’s songwriting skills, especially where melodies are concerned. The songs are rich with flowing harmonies running throughout, wrapping around their melodies, creating catchy, memorable bridges and choral hooks.

“Back Pages” and “Created (Blown Away)” kick it outta the ‘Foxhole’ with a bit of forward rolling and chugging, but “Memories” is gonna give you a better idea of the album’s full vibe. Adding to the more traditional thematics, they’ve saved the best for last with “The Devils,” which plays like a soft and lush lullaby.
The more you take the songs in, the more ‘Foxhole’ gives in terms of aural continuity. The subtlety of the music isn’t exclusive to the overall vibe of the record. Leaving on the note that the Proper Ornaments do, it makes it easy to look forward to the band’s future.