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R.I.P. Black Trip / Arise! VOJD – New Music Coming

Earlier this year Black Trip announced the friendly departure and replacement of their drummer, Jonas Wikstrand, with Anders Bentell. Moving forward with new music and the new lineup, they subsequently changed the band’s name to VOJD and released a great new song called “Into the Void/Heavy Skies.”

HRR_594_Cover_Single.inddFinally, there’s confirmation of new music with their “Behind the Frame 7” that’ll be released on December 8th through High Roller Records. The 7” holds two brand new exclusive recordings that will not be found on their new full-length album after the first of the year. Singer/bassist Joseph Toll comments on the songs: “’Behind The Frame’ was the last song we wrote and it was intended to be part of the album. However, as we decided to make an external single, we thought this song would be great as the A-side. The B-side ‘Funeral Empire’ is a cover of a band called Tempest. These two songs are totally exclusive. We have more material that we might do the same thing with in the near future.”

With regard to “Into the Void/Heavy Skies,” Joseph elaborates “We wanted to put something out during the transition between Black Trip and VOJD. This is a song we’ve had laying around as an idea since a couple of years back. The album contains a re-recorded version of this song.”

You can listen “Into the Void/Heavy Skies” on the playlist below, along with a few choice Black Trip tunes. Pre-orders for “Behind the Frame” can be made here. More on the upcoming LP to come. Make sure to keep looking in for any updates, info, music, etc.

VOJD Lineup:
Peter Stjärnvind – Lead guitar
Joseph Tholl – Bass and lead vocals
Linus Björklund – Lead guitar
Anders Bentell – Drums and percussion


The Heartbreakers’ ‘L.A.M.F.’ Live Release Announced – All-Star Lineup

JVD0124DMVD just recently announced the DVD and CD release of a live performance of the Heartbreakers’ classic rock & roll landmark L.A.M.F. in its full glory. Captured over two nights at NYC’S Bowery Ballroom during November 2016, a curious, albeit impeccable, lineup led by Walter Lure—the only living Heartbreaker. He shared the stage with Tommy Stinson, Clem Burke, and Wayne Kramer—of the Replacements, Blondie, and MC5, respectively.

The DVD, colored vinyl LP, and CD continues the 40th anniversary celebration of L.A.M.F. that began with the release of the remastered edition and an extended Definitive Edition box set 4xCD/3xLP of the albums that included copious mixes and demos. For all interested inquiries you can find these new pieces here.

FREUDCD124The release coincides with Walter Lure taking the L.A.M.F. show on the road again. Joining the tour with him will be the Sex Pistols’ Glen Matlock on bass, Social Distortion’s Mike Ness on guitar & vocals, and again Blondie’s Clem Burke on drums. They play six dates starting at the end of November 2017 covering the east and west coasts of the US. They play in Los Angeles, San Diego and New York at the end of November/early December 2017.

FREUDBX104-CLAMSHELL BOXL.A.M.F. is arguably the best album from the first generation of punk rock. It was the only album released with all of the Heartbreakers included together. After 40 years, every song on the record still holds up. If you don’t know the album, you should check it out. And MVD (Music Video Distributors) is a top-notch resource for video titles from almost any of your favorite bands and artists, a lot of which are hard to find or otherwise obscure. The quality of their products have always been impeccable in every experience I’ve ever had with them. So this L.A.M.F. release is bound to be fucking incredible.

A couple of years ago I spoke with original Heartbreaker Walter Lure before the release of the band’s live release from Max’s Kansas City. I’ll repost that conversation in the coming weeks to accompany this upcoming release, so keep checking in!

CVLT Nation Takes on the Misfits’ ‘Walk Among Us’

0003647112_10CVLT Nation brings us the next new installment in their series of underground classic compilations. This, the 15th series entry, focuses on the Misfits’ classic Walk Among Us. They’ve included a vast selection of bands that span the entire spectrum of heavy frequencies. This particular compilation features covers from Hellkeeper, The Wraith, 偏執症者 (Paranoid), True Love, Bleach Birth, Casket Huffer, Hag Graef, Beastmaker, Black Tomb, Dreadlords, and False Light. Like every one before it, this Sessions comp is now available as a free download, no strings attached.

Find the comp’s track list below to see exactly who did which song.

About CVLT Nation’s Sessions Series:
The CVLT Nation Sessions cover iconic albums that’ve influenced genres across the board. Every song from said album is covered, each band on the album does one single song from that album. CVLT Nation has tapped a lot of their favorite heavy underground bands from around the world to record the covers. The object is two-fold; the introduction of some seriously influential material to new ears and minds, while the bands covering the material expand their fan base. And it’s all available for free—free distribution and download. Just go to their website,, to grab your music and hopefully find something new to you. Nashville-based Black Matter Mastering has handled all mastering duties.

The last release CVLT Nation tackled was Bolt Thrower’s In Battle There Is No Law which—along with Joy Division’s Closer, Black Sabbath’s Master of Reality, and The Cure’s Pornography—turned out to be among the best installments. Other seminal albums CVLT Nation has covered include the Dead Kennedys’ Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables, Black Flag’s Slip It In, Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures, Amebix’s Arise!, and the Misfits’ Earth A.D. There’s also a couple more Sabbath album’s, Sleep’s Holy Mountain, Bathory’s debut LP, and Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing by Discharge, which kicked the whole series off. You’ll find the complete list at CVLT Nation’s website or their Bandcamp page, where you can grab the releases from, as well.

These series entries usually come around every few months so make sure to stay sharp and check back regularly.


Misfits ‘Walk Among Us’: The CVLT Nation Sessions Track List:
1. Hellkeeper – 20 Eyes
2. The Wraith – Turned Into A Martian
3. 偏執症者 (Paranoid) – All Hell Breaks Loose
4. True Love – Vampira
5. Bleach Birth – Nike A Go Go
6. Casket Huffer – Hatebreeders
7. Hag Graef – Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight?
8. Bleach Birth – Night Of The Living Dead
9. Beastmaker – Skulls
10. Black Tomb – Violent World
11. Bleach Birth – Devil’s Whorehouse
12. Dreadlords – Astro Zombies
13. False Light – Braineaters

Gridfailure Issues First Volume of a New Series – Free Download

New York-based experimental psyche degradation unit Gridfailure kicks off a brand new EP series. The first installment of When The Lights Go Out has been released for free, just in time for Halloween. It can be streamed and downloaded at the bottom.

a1116784282_10The When The Lights Go Out series has been formed in order to broadcast the more ethereal, ambient, and abstract soundscapes of GRIDFAILURE’s sound, attempting to hone-in on the otherworldly horror from which the outfit metastasized in early 2016. The passages within the series will bear sparse percussion or distinct lyrical and vocal elements, rather focusing on atmospheric horror soundscapes and supernatural auras, invoking one’s childhood fears while aiming at creating new ones within the listener.

When The Lights Go Out Vol. I delivers a half hour of harrowing wailing, howling, and undiscernible creep-out aura through seven odd movements, primed specifically for the Halloween season. GRIDFAILURE’s David Brenner provides waves of vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, synth, theremin, percussion, and more, with vocal contributions from Liz Ciavarella-Brenner and Faith Ciavarella, and percussion and guitar elements from Robert Levitt.

Gridfailure will be releasing a slew of brand new albums, EPs, collaborative releases, singles, and more over the coming weeks and months. Be sure to check in regularly for new information.

When The Lights Go Out Vol. I Track Listing:
1. Banshee Accumulation
2. It Came From In There
3. Spectrevision
4. Attempt To Seal It Out
5. The Path
6. Your Arms Are Up There
7. Howling Breed


Two New Fiends From Aggronautix

Aggronautix just announced two action figures modeled after the Misfits’ iconic figurehead, the Crimson Ghost (aka “The Fiend”).

Super7’s ReAction figures stand about 3.75”, donning a robe that comes in either midnight black or crimson red. Packaged like the classic Star Wars and G.I. Joe action figures, the overall presentation brings back memories of images in childhood toy catalogs and department store toy aisles. Each of the figures come with an exclusive new art card with artwork done by the legendary artist Ed Repka.

Each figure will run $15.99 and they’ll be shipping out soon. As it is with anything from Aggronautix, these guys are extremely limited and will go fast. Order your Friend figures and more by clicking here.


DEATH FOR LIFE: Xtreem Music’s Commitment to Extreme Metal

f0014466-750f-4706-86a2-8ab6a6dffbf6Originally founded, and still operated, by Dave Rotten from the iconic brutal death metal faction Avulsed, Xtreem Music is based out of Spain. Their beginnings are traced back to Repulse Records (1996-2002). They’ve been knocking out some of extreme metal’s gnarliest releases for years, and they’ve been especially consistent with their attack over the past year or so. Even before, really. But back in those earlier days, the god-awful ‘Nu Metal’ thing took shape from the whole rap-metal concept, many of the acts came complete with a DJ. Those were horrible days for fans of real metal of all subgenres. By the later years of the decade, even death and black metal were starting to flounder thanks to misguided experimentation and something that resembles a drought of real quality.

300x300Thanks to a chain of events that ultimately resulted in a resurgence of interest in essentially all valid subgenres of rock & roll and heavy metal, labels like Xtreem Music can now have a fighting chance at drawing some well-deserved positive attention to all of their bands—existing, current, and new. With bands that land on the ‘meat and potatoes’, straightforward death metal to the more technique-driven precision of the tech death arena, their primary focus tends to be on a lot of different persuasions of death metal, though they don’t simply begin and end with those styles. They’ve made accommodations to do their part in promoting and proliferating many other styles as well, with Fighter Records. There’s probably no persuasion that Xtreem doesn’t cover on its current roster. And there’s more on the way.

c3ec1895-e033-4fa5-aaac-135e7c1a9179Just this year, Xtreem Music has been killing with crushing thrash metal with album’s like Holycide’s Annihilate… Then Ask, Panikk’s Discarded Existence, Cloaks of Oblivion by Eruption, and in July they dropped Nadimac’s Besnilo, which has prime crossover appeal. They kicked the year off with crushing LPs from Nasty Surgeons’ Exhumation Requiem and Daemoniac’s Spawn of the Fallen. There’s a preponderance of flattening death metal releases from bands like Canker, Cryptic Brood, Soulskinner, Infestus, and of course Avulsed. They also unchained The Mortal Horizon by Desecresy, Gravesite’s Neverending Trail of Skulls, and Purtenance’s Paradox of Existence. 9d498f4c-fc6e-4497-b542-110df5e37315Xtreem Music only recently announced new thrash with No Amnesty’s Psychopathology on November 14th. And there’s an official release of Neocaesar’s debut  LP, 11:11, coming on December 5th. Neocaesar is comprised of ex-Sinister members; Mike van Mastrigt (vocals), Bart van Wallenberg (guitars), Michel Alderliefsten (bass), and Eric de Windt (drums). Looking into next year, Cruentator’s debut album, Ain’t War Hell?, is scheduled to drop on January 10th, 2018.ceeeef72-c45b-49aa-a7ae-90340e004930

With Dave Rotten’s essential life-long love and affiliation with extreme metal, the Xtreem Cult Series seems natural. The label offers the availability of titles from legendary bands like Revenant, Aggression (Can.), Morpheus Descends, Rottrevore, Abhorer, Demolish, Lethal Aggression, and again Avulsed. Find all of those releases, and the other Xtreem titles via Bandcamp. They’ve got a few free downloads to grab while you’re there.

c29a0ec9-d91f-4180-97a1-2cc4f6366e2fAt the moment, there’s a full exclusive stream of Bloodhunter’s sophomore LP, The End of Faith, at Invisible Oranges, which you can get to by clicking here.

Do yourself a favor and look over the playlist below. There’s a load of talent from Xtreem Music’s roster, though it’s nowhere near everything. Visit the label’s site for a more comprehensive idea of available selections.


Starcrawler Reveals a New Song with Video

450x450bb (1)If you know about Starcrawler, consider yourself a fan of the limited quantity of material available, and are chomping at the bit for more, you’re not alone. I am as well. But there’s a nice surprise from Starcrawler and Rough Trade.

Running through a small handful of gigs on the east coast working up to the MELTASIA Festival in the Catskills in New York state. It’ll be the first time playing out this way, so they’re sharing a new video for a new track entitled “Let Her Be,” which you can see just below. In a post on the band’s website they say that the new track is indeed the first cut from the new LP. Click on the link above or image above to purchase the new song digitally.

The video’s director, J. Casey Modderno, described his vision for the video:

“Starcrawler has an amazing live presence, and one of the first things I noticed was the almost demonic energy that Arrow has on stage – crabwalking, spitting blood…. so we just decided to run with that concept which we already saw in their live show, that when Starcrawler performs, Arrow becomes possessed by literal demons. We wanted to showcase what we already loved in Starcrawler’s live shows, a super visceral and physical performance, full of energy, motion, and tons of fun.”

There’s still not a lot of info about the Ryan Adams-produced full-length release. The persistent curiosity and anticipation is growing steadily. When can we get a whole album, already?! Until the day comes you can dig the tracks on the playlist below. You can check Starcrawler out on Facebook, here.