Well done news can be obtained anywhere. SN operates from the fan’s perspective. It’s always been about our interests, as fans. With so much content available now it’d be balls crazy to limit one’s self to one or two genres. And you won’t find many negative reviews and/or reports. There’s no reason to waste perfectly viable energy writing negative reviews when there’s something else more appealing to write about.

Check it out:

• If a metal-head happens across an obscure psych-garage band they can get on board with, that’s a great thing to help facilitate.
• A jaded hipster stumbling upon an album that happens to be flying outta Hot Topic by the box, AND really fucking good, is an awesome notion.
• The thought of a stalwart punk rocker checking out an up-and-coming Norwegian singer-songwriter’s new LP, I wanna try to make it happen.
• The thought of introducing an exciting darkwave band to a neo-classical guitar shredder really pumps my nads—in the immortal words of John Bender.


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