FEATURE REVIEW: REVEREND SCREAMING FINGERS – ‘Music For Driving and Film, Vol. III (the desert years)

Reverend Screaming Fingers - 'Music For Driving and Film Vol. III' ALBUM ART

Admittedly, this was my first taste of Reverend Screaming Fingers and what his music is about. Reverend Screaming Fingers is an instrumental artist. I have an unfortunate tendency to write off full-length instrumentals prematurely, especially if I’ve never heard anything about an artist or group before. Realizing that I had absolutely no reason not to give it a try, I put it on. By the time the opening track, “No Destination,” was through, I knew that I’d be listening to the entire album.

Maybe it’s because it is in fact instrumental, but the songs lend themselves well to the imagination to the listener. While in the throes of the individual experience of each song, the music’s filmic qualities easily work in tandem with real-life mundanities–like aimless driving or lazily wandering about–to create unique little vignettes and brief cinematic sketches in the mind’s eye. Personally, I frequently see long, winding drives down desolate stretches of desert roads. They might go from Texas, through New Mexico and Arizona, up through Nevada, and then over to California. The days are always sunny, dry, and hot, but some evenings are cooler than others. It’s only one man driving. He’s in a black Cadillac convertible with the ragtop down. And his acoustic guitar is always in the back seat.

The Reverend is a guitar man and his music is inherently guitar-driven. With that said, it never insists the instrument upon you in in the music in any kind of imposing way. Its presence, while always very much there in the moment, is expertly blended and always seems to know when to pull back so that the whole of the song, aka ‘the big picture’, retains its maximum integrity, even if the guitar isn’t always the hero of the tune.

There’s not really any kind of genre I’m willing to lump this album in with. If it’s anything that needs a ‘name’ just refer to its given title, Music For Driving and Film, Vol. III (the desert years). If he’s not already, Reverend Screaming Fingers is destined for work in the movie industry creating some truly memorable, engrossing work in the near future. Until then, check into what Reverend Screaming Fingers has going on here and follow him over the course of the coming months and years. He’s also got releases worth being checked out that led up to this.  

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