American Punk Icon Alice Bag Begins a New Campaign for Her Upcoming Album

“Punk isn’t dead; it’s up to us to keep that spirit alive. Punk will be relevant as long as there is sh-t that needs to be addressed,” … “There is nothing more important at this time in our history than speaking truth to power, and music is my way of speaking truth.” Alice Bag

35340692522_5b6e21b916_zAlice Bag is probably most known as the lead singer of the L.A., CA punk band, the Bags. They began in ’77 and wound up becoming one the exciting young bands that led the punk vanguard of the burgeoning Los Angeles punk scene. Alice, and the Bags, were famously featured in the cult staple documentary ‘The Decline of Western Civilization’. She’s been in bands like the Chicana punk feminist trio, Las Tres, an all-female group called Castration Squad, and the queercore band Cholita (with performance artist Vaginal Davis).

Alice readily admits that she’s not a fan of corporate money funding the arts, “particularly when the artist is critical of the establishment,” so she’s taken to Kickstarter and plans on keeping her new project at the fans’ level. The crowdfunding campaign offers exclusive item like enamel pins, ‘Violence Girl’ books, colored vinyl, totes and more. The target goal is to raise around $8.500 by July 20th.


As a punk rock pioneer, an advocate/activist of social civil rights, and an author, Alice finally found some time to release a fucking great collection of solo material back in 2016. The self-titled LP brims with potent rock & roll songs that reach out and get to the heart of the matter succinctly and full of both lyrical and musical substance. When she’s talking, she’s always got  something real to say, and she’s been walking her own walk for four decades now. So, Alice’s body of work to date has inspired, it’s entertained, it’s helped foster change, it’s work that deserves attention. Check out the link for her Kickstarter campaign and help her continue the fight.


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