Dead Lord Reveals New Music From Their New LP – Take a big ol’ bite, fucker!

After seemingly endless heavy rockin’ across the globe for the last two years, Dead Lord has finally announced plans to release their third studio album, ‘In Ignorance We Trust’, is scheduled for release on August 25, once again on Century Media Records.

The lead single, “Reruns,” has been revealed. It is, true to Dead Lord form, a no frills, ragged cut of rock & roll supremacy that illustrates Dead Lord’s ability to take key cues from a time when hot tube overdrive was a massive force and twin guitar attacks were king. Their ability to execute certain technical intricacies and create the fresh melodies that they do is uncanny. This first glimpse into Dead Lord’s future looks extremely promising for the fans, the band, everyone involved! Please, check it out now, just below.

Drummer Adam Lindmark comments about the recording and the new album:

We’ve been entrenched in Cuervo Recording Service’s studio in Madrid, Spain for the last week to put down what will become Dead Lord’s third album. And here’s a spoiler for you: It sounds dynamite! We once again teamed up with Ola Ersfjord to record and co-produce, whom we’ve worked with on every Dead Lord release to this day, and by now he’s a big part of how we want to sound. We’re cruising all over the spectrum with this album, having recorded some of our hardest songs, which will make you clench your fist and bang your head instantly, as well as some really sensitive tunes that will make your eyes water and reminisce about better days. We can’t wait to have this great piece of music out, and get on the roads with the new material!”

Dead Lord’s Hakim Krim, who designed the artwork for “In Ignorance We Trust”, commented on the cover:

“This album is a buffet filled with goodness-oozing nuggets of facemeltivity. What better way to top it off, than with some flamed fruit for dessert? Cheers!”

You can pre-order ‘In Ignorance We Trust’ now. Choose between he regular jewelcase version, the limited Digipak version (with bonus material and patch), the LP version (180 gram vinyl, special vinyl mastering, inlay and double-sided poster) or the digital download.

The LP version is offered in the following vinyl colors:
Black vinyl: unlimited
Transparent-magenta vinyl: limited to 100 copies, exclusively available at CM Distro
Petrol-green vinyl: limited to 200 copies, available at various online stores
Mint-coloured vinyl: limited to 200 copies, exclusively sold by the band
Orange vinyl: limited to 200 copies, exclusively available at EMP and Nuclear Blast

Varieties that include a patch, posters, etc. are also available in highly limited quantities. Pre-orders can be made here.


DEAD LORD – “In Ignorance We Trust” tracklist:
1. Ignorance
2. Too Late
3. Reruns
4. Leave Me Be
5. The Glitch
6. Kill Them All
7. Never Die
8. Part Of Me
9. They!
10. Darker Times

DEAD LORD live 2017:
24.06.2017 Zürich (Switzerland) – Wasteland Fest                                   29.06.2017 Madrid (Spain) – Wurlitzer Ballroom
30.06.2017 Oviedo (Spain) – Stone Fest
01.07.2017 Porto (Portugal) – Cave 45
02.07.2017 Cascais/Lisbon (Portugal) – Stairway Club
14.07.2017 Balingen (Germany) – Bang Your Head Festival
15.07.2017 Liedolsheim (Germany) – Sunny Side Festival
16.07.2017 Lichtenvoorde (The Netherlands) – Zwarte Cross Festival
26.07.2017 München (Germany) – Free & Easy Festival
27.07.2017 Lichtenfels (Germany) – Paunchy Cats
29.07.2017 Essen (Germany) – Nord Open Air [early show!]
29.07.2017 Rengsdorf (Germany) – Rock The Forest Festival
11.08.2017 Hinterschmiding (Germany) – Fast Open Air
12.08.2017 Königs Wusterhausen (Germany) – Bergfunk Open Air [early show!]
12.08.2017 Plattenburg (Germany) – Aqua Maria Summer Festival
09.09.2017 Raismes (France) – Raismes Fest

More dates to be announced soon…


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