Volcom & Burger Records Want To Give You Good Music For Free!

The apparel/hardware monolith and premier American pop record label are giving you a fresh, new song every week.

Each week, a band rolls in and records a song live at Volcom Studios.

The Cyber Singles series is in full swing, and has been for the last nine weeks or so. If you’re just coming into this information, no worries! You can grab ’em all here. FREE!! Just flip thru the tracks on the player if you wanna hear it all first. Then, obviously, just download, then they’re all yours.

Be certain to check back in weekly to see what new garage-punk-pop & roll they throw our way. There hasn’t been a single turd yet, and it’s not likely given that we’re talking about Burger Records here.

In addition to the tracks available here, you can also check out the corresponding performance via the videos that’re up on YouTube. You’ll find some of them here, below, but the rest can all be seen by starting from the Volcom Music site; click here.

burgerrecords_logoFounded in 2007 by Sean Bohrman and Lee Rickard, Burger Records have put out over 1,000 releases, birthed multiple music festivals, operate two independent record stores and helped bring the cassette tape back into popular culture.

volcomstudio_logoAquired by Volcom in 2016, this “lovingly used” studio/rehearsal space has fast become a welcoming resource for bands. Cyber Singles Club artists recording at the studio are free of the normal recording constraints of time and budget, and walk away owning their recordings 100% free & clear.







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