New Descendents’ Milo Throbblehead From Aggronautix Revealed – You’re Welcome!

Aggronautix has announced a run of a new version of their extremely popular Throbblehead likeness of the Descendents’ Milo Auckerman.207_114231

The mini v1 model is a mini version of the long out of print, and sold out, Milo Throbblehead v1. He stands at 5 inches tall and as you can see below, that shadow he casts ain’t too shabby. The Throbblehead is made of a lightweight polyresin. If you’re not familiar with the Throbblehead, they’ve got a sturdy feeling despite being made to be light. But it’s nothing cumbersome, though.

Package Graphic

The first 500 orders get a free sticker with The Descendents logo from the box graphics. This Milo piece is going to be limited to 2500 numbered units. And when Aggronautix says that a figure is limited, it is limited. The Aggronautix name essentially ensures you’re going to get a solid product. Their Throbbleheads aren’t on their shelves long at all.

Milo is going to be $19.95, you can place your pre-orders now. Packages are scheduled to ship in mid-July. Keep in mind that orders going outside of the United States will take longer to arrive (average of 3 weeks) and there is no tracking available unless your order is upgraded to an expedited shipping method (between $10 and $30).



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