NEW VIDEO: STARCRAWLER’S “Ants” – They Will Kill You

Lamenting over the idea that the future is in the hands of ‘the kids of today’ is a cyclic standard; a tradition in our culture. It sure is a shitty feeling when you actually reach a point in your life where you catch yourself thinking that very thing. Presumably, it can only mean that you’re not one of those ‘kids’ anymore. But when it comes down to it, the kids usually manage to come through with something good.

Starcrawler is a rock band that comes from the Los Angeles area. They’ve just released a video for their debut single, entitled “Ants”, that was filmed during a performance at the Echo in L.A. It’s also the band’s first song, written only days after forming. The song is right around two minutes long, but it manages to bring back hope and restore some faith that there are those people that understand the importance of a relationship between exciting, jagged rock & roll that cuts and and a good old-fashioned performance fueled by boredom, the energy of youth, and the youthful spirit of not giving a shit.

The single (b/w “Used to Know”), produced with Steven McDonald of Redd Kross (The Donnas, Fun.), is available now. You can also go with the limited-edition blood-spattered 7” vinyl, all via Rough Trade Records.

Like countless great bands and artists that came before them, their name stokes the curiosity and the rock seals the deal. Please, pardon the cliché but these kids are alright. The song carries itself with a projection of frenetic urgency and seemingly reckless abandon performed by a band of young rock & roll razorblades. Arrow de Wilde’s onstage presence is like a chaotic cyclone comprised of Iggy Pop, Stiv Bators, Alice Cooper, Wendy O. Williams, Karen O, and Cherrie Currie. Clad in a straightjacket, with blood smeared around her mouth, down to her chest for added unhinged measure. They’ve drawn from influences of some of the best and underrated rock degenerates of the 1970s and ’80s–probably directly and indirectly. Some of that might come through in their music, but Starcrawler gives no indication of interest in delivering anything other than their own brand of timeless, subversive, caustic rock & roll.

Arrow de Wilde and Henri Cash—vocalist and guitarist, respectively—met at an Echo Park high school, where they both still attend. The meeting between de Wilde and Cash is when Starcrawler essentially became a band. Bassist Tim Franco and drummer Austin Smith came from Hollywood.

cover_1490029848857955Despite the fact that Starcrawler is still in its infancy as a band, they’re building an extraordinarily strong following right now. The band’s gospel has already spread beyond the hip Hollywood scene and clubs. Their debut LP will be coming our way later this year. It’s being overseen by Ryan Adams. Oh yeah, and Elton John included Starcrawler in his Beats 1 radio show, “Rocket Hour.”

You can find Starcrawler online via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, their official site, just look for ’em. Let your curiosity get the best of you. Click on the image just above to buy the  “Ants” single. All known live appearances listed below. Keep your eyes peeled for more Starcrawler. With some luck, we’ll try to get ’em on the phone to see what’s up.

May 15 – London, England – Old Blue Last
May 16 – London, England –Thousand Island
May 17 – London, England – Shackwell Arms
May 18 – Brighton, England – Great Escape Festival

May 26 – Pioneertown CA – Pappy and Harriets (opening for CRX)
May 27 – San Diego CA – The Soda Bar (opening for CRX)
June 16 – Santa Ana CA – The Constellation Room (opening for CRX)
June 17 – San Francisco CA – Bottom of the Hill (opening for CRX)


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