NEW SONG: IGGY POP “Asshole Blues”

IMG_38401Brand New from Iggy Pop, “Asshole Blues.”

It’s just been a year since the release of one of his best albums in recent memory, ‘Post Pop Depression’, and now comes to us with one more cool new cut to keep things sweet. Taking things back to his earliest musical roots, “Asshole Blues” is a DIY recording of Iggy and his guitar making music like they did down in the southern Delta the better part of a hundred years ago. His voice was meant for this kind of music.

In 2015, Miami band Jacuzzi Boys started their own record label, Mag Mag, with the primary purpose of releasing their own music. Now, just a few years later, on April 21, 2017, Mag Mag will launch a new flexi-disc series, beginning with the release of “Asshole Blues,” a brand new single from legendary punk icon, Iggy Pop, who for the last few years has been a strong supporter and friend of the Jacuzzi Boys.

“Asshole Blues” is available for pre-order today and can be heard below. Other releases in the flexi series are pending and will be announced soon.


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