0005707887_10It’s gotta be a good time to be at Lövely Records right now. If you haven’t heard of them yet, they’re a Sweden-based indie label that specializes in releasing European pop and rock music of top-notch quality.

Lövely announced a handful of great new releases at the start of the new year from several different outfits, all of them great. Most will fall in the category of straightforward, no frills rock & roll but there’s a varied spectrum of aural bounties to be had. For the emphasized purpose of dropping names, we’ll get new music from (in no preferred order) Nightmen, Rotten Mind, and the Dahmers. As it happens, these particular bands are also all Swedish. While this is a complete coincidence there’s a happening thing going down in Sweden. But it’s never a surprise when great rock & roll of all varieties come outta that part of the world.


Rotten100636028-origpic-7fbcab Mind, who take their name from a Jay Reatard song, just released their self-titled sophomore LP. Where their debut, ‘I’m Alone Even With You’ had the punk rock piss and vinegar, the new LP harnesses that energy and adds a matured depth to their overall sound, which is decidedly darker this time around. They’ve created a cool sound that’s their own by steering toward an indie power pop rock & roll style with jangly riffs and sweet and catchy melodies and sweet hooks. Where Rotten Mind seems to ride a line between low and high sonic fidelity, Nightmen’s new LP, ‘Can’t Avoid Success’, has a marked fullness that works exceptionally well with a more stripped-back modus operandi. Still111082370-origpic-80319f dealing in raw, high volume rock & roll, Nightmen operate with a cocky swagger and respectable confidence, this time around. There’s a quick shot of snottiness , NYC 1975 style, added for good measure. More so overtly than on their crackin’ debut, ‘Fifteen Minutes of Pain‘. Songs like “Velvet Curtains” and “AHAHAHAH (Oh No)” are great examples of their more forward, head-on lyrical approach that suits them very well. You can grab ‘Can’t Avoid Success’ on April 7.

TheTHEDAHMERS-BLOODONMYHANDS_7--1400X1400 added element of ‘horror’ helps the Dahmers add unique dimension to their material. The source for their name should be a given, and if it’s not either look it up or move on. Under the implied elements of horror lies a young group of rock & roll guys who probably have the closest musical ties to the proverbial ‘garage’ of this whole bunch. Their songs have rawness with lo-fi overtones with layers of 1960s tinged pop rock & roll, and they write choral hooks that’re catchy as shit. Actually, the title cut from the Dahmers’ 2016 EP ‘Blood On My Hands’ was chosen as one of only a small select few rock & roll cuts by Swedish National Radio in their top 50 songs for all last year.101181632-origpic-bd9399InDE1888 February they released a three song EP called ‘Nightcrawler’ that includes a cover of DEVO’s “Social Fools,” an exclusive track entitled “No One,” and the title track, which also shows up on their brand new—and best—LP ‘In The Dead Of Night, is available now.

Go to the link here to track these releases down after you’ve taken the media in, get yourself right.



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